Small round kitchen tables. Butterfly dining table and chairs.

Small Round Kitchen Tables

small round kitchen tables

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Huge massive blog type thing to follow...
Here's how I summarised a few days in an e-mail to my parents on Saturday:

We didn't manage to have cookies in the end. Boo. But we did lots of things for Biograd, which is a graduation ceremony that Maiyan organised. UCSC has graduation ceremonies for each college but some people want to graduate with their classmates. So the students organise that for themselves. Maiyan isn't graduating this year but she organises it because she's nice and it's good for her CV. On Wednesday we also went to a Physics review session (revision) which I understood, yay! And Maiyan did lots of studying while I played about on the internet.
On Thursday her parents took me to the UCSC arboretum & we looked at lots and lots of plants, including protea which Mum likes. We took plenty of photos.
Then we went for a bike ride along the sea front & pier and saw sea lions and a pelican. We cycled 5 miles apparently, from the Boardwalk (where there's a rollercoaster, arcade etc etc) to the natural bridges (like Durdle Door but smaller). Then we had falafel and tabouleh at a Lebanese restaurant which was v nice. Aaaand then we had a rest and walked to downtown before picking Maiyan up for supper at a vegetarian diner.
Yesterday (for it is 1pm on Saturday) we did Biograd. We got up nice and early and used Maiyan's parents' friend's pick-up truck (bigger than their own) to move lots of water and snacks and forks and plates and things to a big field. Then they went off biking and we waited for chairs along with Maiyan's gang of volunteers. The chairs were over an hour late! While we were waiting we liberated a snake that'd got caught in plastic netting.
Then we put out 780 chairs and some tables and canopies. It was a bit windy and the canopies blew away, one of them tried to attack Maiyan so several of the Latin American graduates have videos of her sprinting out of the way!
Then the graduation happened, Maiyan was running round organising lots of people, I helped with registration (hiding under a canopy to keep out of the sun) and then with cake serving. There were 15 LARGE cakes (about A3 size I think, meant to feed 45 people each) and we had less than one left at the end.
After the people had all left we put out even more chairs for the Latino & Native American graduation which shares costs with biograd (they were doing all the putting away) and cleared up our rubbish. Then we went back to Maiyan's room and I had a nap while she did some final clearing up before her parents took us out to supper, with Maiyan's boyfriend who they now know about :) We tried to have Mexican but the wait was too long so we went to a supposedly Italian restaurant which played music from Grease and had pictures of Paris in the loos. But it was very nice.
Aaand then we drove to LA where we are now. We're having a lazy day and going to a Bat Mitzah this evening.
Despite my efforts to avoid it I have a bit of sunburn. I have a watch mark but it's nothing on Mum's. My scalp's burnt which is unpleasant, it's never happened to me before that I can remember. I'm covering it in Savlon.

wildflowers on the table

wildflowers on the table

by Stanley Plumly

Some—the ones with fish names—grow so north
they last a month, six weeks at most.
Some others, named for the fields they look like,
last longer, smaller.

And these, in particular, whether trout or corn lily,
onion or bellwort, just cut
this morning and standing open in tapwater in the kitchen,
will close with the sun.

It is June, wildflowers on the table.
They are fresh an hour ago, like sliced lemons,
with the whole day ahead of them.
They could be common mayflower lilies of the valley,

day lilies, or the clustering Canada, large, gold,
long-stemmed as pasture roses, belled out over the vase--
or maybe Solomon's seal, the petals
ranged in small toy pairs

or starry, tipped at the head like weeds.
They could be anonymous as weeds.
They are, in fact, the several names of the same thing,
lilies of the field, butter-and-eggs,

toadflax almost, the way the whites and yellows juxtapose,
and have "the look of flowers that are looked at,"
rooted as they are in water, glass, and air.
I remember the summer I picked everything,

flower and wildflower, singled them out in jars
with a name attached. And when they had dried as stubborn
as paper I put them on pages and named them again.
They were all lilies, even the hyacinth,

even the great pale flower in the hand of the dead.
I picked it, kept it in the book for years
before I knew who she was,
her face lily-white, kissed and dry and cold.

small round kitchen tables

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